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I'm the type of human who finds beauty in the little things; 

blasting music with all the windows down, 

seeing how the waves create different patterns, 

counting the stars, 

jumping in puddles + dancing in the rain



hi, I'm Sabrina!!!! (she/her)

I started my career when I didn't know where else to turn. I was struggling with a 9-5 job, knowing I was made for something bigger. I've never been "normal". (Define normal anyway?? What is normal?)


 I lived a life of adventure + adrenaline in Alaska + I bought my first camera to document those moments. Fast forward just three months, I quit the 9-5 I so desperately felt trapped in, started volunteering at Alaska's Wildlife Conservation center + fell IN LOVE with photography.


Fast forward a few more months, I DOVE INTO STARTING MY OWN BUSINESS. It started with just photographing family sessions + portrait sessions for under a hundred dollars, and that eventually turned into capturing my first wedding + falling in love with a whole new realm of photography.


I fell in love with watching humankind + capturing it the way I uniquely visualize it.




lgbtq owned business (queer woman here <3) 

living my life in the panhandle of Florida with my sweet lil fam (my wild, and incredibly empathetic nature lovin' daughter, my husband, & our 3 fluff ball Aussies who have no chill.)

I spend my days home schooling my daughter Montessori style and spending time grounding in nature. I spend my  "me time" in the Crossfit gym, meditating, and practicing yoga, + I spend my nights editing and perfecting my art until I fall asleep.

I am currently manifesting that you choose me to capture the best day of your life, because I'm absolutely obsessed with my job & capturing raw emotion & being a storyteller is the coolest shit EVER. 

plus, I really want to be friends and sing songs together


I spent my childhood hanging out in my grandmother's garden collecting rocks, making mud pies, eating wild blackberries & taking pictures nonstop. I would spend my weekends with my mom to print all of my photos and hanging them on the pink walls of my twilight themed bedroom, and telling everyone that I was a photographer. 


I went from taking pictures of the littlest details in nature, to capturing pure raw emotion, love, intimacy, and telling stories with my art. I became exactly who I wanted to be,

10 year old me, can't believe this is her job.

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